Build a Better Market Analysis with AZBEX’s Forecasting Event

Have you ever tried to figure out exactly how much construction activity is going on in the state?  Would it help you to understand ‘how big the pie is’, and what sectors are expected to see the most growth?

Come hear from the market research experts – AZBEX research staff will present total activity, broken down by market sector in this lively presentation.

Bottom Up View

Most forecasting events tend to include a lot of macro-economic data – what the GDP is going to do, population growth, and the like.

AZBEX is taking a different approach, starting with project-specific data, direct from the AZBEX database, comparing with permit data, CIP information, and much more to provide an accurate view of each market sector.  These accurate market-sector views further roll-up into an activity forecast.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’ve ever wondered how successful your firm is in a certain market sector, this is the event for you!  Not only will you be able to tell how large the overall pie is, but each slice (sector) will be defined.  Taking this back to your team will enable you to easily see how much room for growth there is and who the top Owners, Architects, and General Contractors are in each space.  Your marketing & business development efforts can become very efficient, allocating resources where they can make the most impact.

Cancellations with a full refund of the registration price are available up to three days prior to the day of the event. Within three days, refunds are not guaranteed. Attendees may send another person to take their spot however, up to and including the day of the event. No shows do still owe the registration fee.


  1. Hello,
    I have registered for the event but I am not seeing anything online for the location and time of the event. I am waiting for a confirmation email with details but that hasn’t yet come through. Would you be so kind to send me those details so I can block my calendar?

    1. Hello Stephanie,

      So sorry for the late response. I imagine you may have found this information since you originally requested it, but just to be safe I’ve included the location page and time of the event below.

      9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

      We will also be sending a a “Know Before You Go” email next week, prior to the event, with details on directions, parking and other event info. Have a great day!

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